Central Texas company promotes water security by providing rainwater collection systems and water storage for home and ranches

(AUSTIN, Tex.—September 13, 2023) Harvested Rain Solutions, a leading Central Texas rainwater harvesting company, is announcing its new name, Cqure Water, touting its commitment to providing residents a secure water source through rainwater collection. The company, which has installed hundreds of rainwater collection systems and storage tanks in Central Texas, is also celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Collecting and storing rainwater is an environmentally responsible solution to the persistent drought in Central Texas that has greatly affected water levels and water availability for local residents. Additionally, as more people move to the area, ground water availability has been significantly reduced and some local aquifers may never sufficiently recover. Rural homeowners and ranchers who once relied on well water are finding that their wells are running dry.

“We talk with clients every day who are panicked and scared about not having enough water for their homes and families to use. Collecting and storing rainwater provides peace of mind in knowing you have a secure water supply. That is why we decided to become Cqure Water,” said Ron Van Sickle, founder and CEO, Cqure Water.

Cqure Water (pronounced “secure”) offers rainwater collection design and installation, well water surface storage tanks, and maintenance services. Any rural resident in Texas can collect rainwater from the roof of their home, ranch or outbuilding. The water is then piped through an underground collection system that is connected to an above-ground storage tank designed and built specific to the owner’s property. Prior to use the water is filtered and UV treated.

Cqure Water partners with Pioneer Water Tanks, a global producer of water tank systems that feature an exclusive BPA-free, NSF-61 certified AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner. Cqure Water installs collection systems with water tanks ranging in size from 10,000 gallons to 97,000 gallons.

“As a Pioneer Water Tanks platinum dealer, Cqure Water is an exemplary provider of water storage solutions, and Ron and his team are consummate professionals who operate with the highest degree of integrity and attention to detail. Ron’s dedication to his craft is limitless. He has traveled as far away as Australia to gain knowledge from other global experts and apply his learnings to the benefit of our industry as a whole,” said Ashlea Keith, general manager, Pioneer Water Tanks America.

For more information about Cqure Water rainwater harvesting and storage systems, go to www.cqurewater.com.

About Cqure Water

Cqure Water designs and installs high-quality rainwater harvesting and water storage systems for rural homeowners and ranches. Rainwater harvesting meets an essential need for daily life that is sustainable and environmentally responsible while promoting self-sufficiency. Our solution provides peace of mind in knowing that you have a secure water supply. Additional services include well water surface storage and water collection system maintenance. Founded in Austin, TX, in 2013, Cqure Water serves the Central Texas area. For more information, visit www.cqurewater.com.

CQure Water - Rainwater harvesting, water storage, and maintenance in Central Texas.
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