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Recommended products for rainwater collection

We have installed hundreds of rainwater collection and water storage systems at homes and ranches in Central Texas. We rely on these high-quality products for our tanks, pumps, and filter systems to give you a cost-effective, reliable water supply.

Pioneer Water Tanks

We use Pioneer Water Tanks for water storage because we believe this is the best residential water tank in the market. Pioneer Tanks are made specifically for water storage using PIONEER V-LOCK® corrugated steel and a five-layer, anti-microbial, BPA free, AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner. The water tank also includes a domed roof and condensation strips to help prevent water evaporation loss.

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grundfos sba submersible pump

Grundfos Pumps

The Grundfos SBA submersible pump is the brand of water pump we most often use. This quiet, compact all-in-one unit comes ready to plug in and start pumping. A floating suction strainer pulls water from just below the surface of the tank away from settling particles.

Goulds Xylem Pumps

Goulds Xylem submersible pumps provide variable speed and constant pressure for larger homes or more demanding applications. The stainless-steel body provides optimal strength and corrosion prevention. This pump is stored in a PVC case and has an external control unit.


DAB E. Sybox mini 3 pumps

DAB E. Sybox mini 3 is a compact, consistent-pressure, non-submersible pump. We believe that submersible pumps are superior to pumps located outside the tank. This energy-efficient, low-noise exterior pump is a good solution to upgrade a pump system on an existing water tank or for situations where the pump is better located inside (or do you mean outside) a structure.

Viqua UV Filter systems

For water filtration, we use the Viqua integrated whole-home UV filter. This system includes a five-micron sediment filter, a carbon filter for taste and odor removal, and a constant-current UV chamber for 9,000 hours of continuous UV water treatment. A digital display and audible reminder provides alerts to replace the UV bulb and have the filter system serviced.

Viqua UV Filtration System for water capture tank
The Build Process

Learn how Cqure Water can create a water storage system for you. This includes building the tank pad, constructing the water tank, and installing the rainwater collection system.

Our Portfolio

See some of the water storage systems we have designed and installed for our clients. This includes project for new home constructions and retrofits to existing properties.