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System Monitoring & Maintenance

Our rainwater harvesting collection and water storage solution requires little attention from you. These systems are designed to just work. As part of each new installation, we conduct an inspection after your first rain collection or at six months to ensure your system is performing as expected. Additionally, we offer an annual maintenance agreement for any water collection storage system that we install.

Our current offering: Rainwater harvesting requires little maintenance by the homeowner. However, the entire system should be inspected once a year to identify and fix any operational issues or replace parts that have worn out. Cqure Water can provide this inspection and maintenance work as part of an annual service agreement that is sold separately. Currently, we are only servicing projects that we have installed.

For more information or to request enrollment, contact us.

Future offerings: Currently Cqure Water only provides system maintenance on our installed products. In the future, we are planning to offer annual maintenance service contracts to both Cqure Water installations and water storage systems built by other vendors.

  • Replace the sediment and carbon filters.
  • Replace the UV lamp per the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Visual inspection of the collection system to make sure everything is tight and there are no visible leaks or overflow signs.
  • Check the interior of the tank through the access hatch to confirm the liner is not stressed, the pump is in place, the riser is standing upright at the hatch, and the floating intake can move freely.
  • Verify the overflow structure is clear. Clean the inlet basket assembly.
  • Drain the low point of the system.

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CQure Water - Rainwater harvesting, water storage, and maintenance in Central Texas.
Rainwater Harvesting

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CQure Water - Rainwater harvesting, water storage, and maintenance in Central Texas.
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We have worked with Cqure Water on many occasions. They provide detailed diagrams for every job, and their attention to detail is among the best in the industry. We are always confident that their projects will run smoothly and efficiently.

— Daniel B.

Cqure Water sets the standard for amazing customer service and responsiveness. They created a custom plan for a rainwater collection system for our home, helped us select the right tanks, worked with our landscaper on the irrigation system, and the team performed a flawless installation.

— Leah B.

CQure Water - Rainwater harvesting, water storage, and maintenance in Central Texas.

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